Love your new PURE Apparel? Treat it right with these simple care instructions

3 PURE Tips to Care Your Product(s)

Wash with cold water Hand wash or gentle cold machine wash Hang to dry

Bright Colours Pre-wash Care

To prevent colour transfer from the dye and to prolong colour intensity,
we strongly recommend you to wash the garments separately in cold water before use.

Do not leave them sitting wet with other garments and please line dry in the shade immediately after washing.


  • Follow the fabric care instructions on your clothing for washing and drying
  • Take out removable bra pads before washing
  • Wash in cold water using mild detergent
  • Wash with similar colors
  • Wash before wearing, to minimize dye transfer and color bleeding
  • Hang inside-out in the shade to dry, some materials can be tumbled dried on low heat


  • Use bleach, softener or chlorine detergent
  • Tumble dry on high heat, iron or dry-clean
  • Rub against other fabrics or materials which can cause pilling
  • Come in contact with sharp objects and rough surfaces
  • Soak or leave wet
  • Dry under the sun

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